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Latest Snapshot

The camera is located in M├╝mliswil, Switzerland. More weather data can be found at or

Note: Moisture found its way under the lens. That's why it might look foggier than it really is when it's raining. Looking for a replacement...

Monthly Timelapses

At the beginning of each month, I merge the timelapse videos of the whole last month into one. I also add some selected music. Then I upload them to youtube, so you can replace that boring virtual fireplace on your TV ;)

You can watch those videos in the player below or directly on youtube:

Tip: The player below holds this playlist. Click the menu button on the top left of it.

About this Project

Videotaping the Sky, again, since June 10th, 2013. And the archive still grows... Usually there are 1440 images (one per minute) and 24 timelapse videos (1 per hour) for every day.

Some days where lost due unexpected long power outages, soft-/hardware failures, and such things. Also, there are no recordings between September and October 2016 because i moved. Still, it's a massive amount of data to handle over the years.

Major Changes

2016-11-01: Restarted the project at a new location.

2016-09-13: Started to build/code a better system.

2016-08-27: Temporarily shutdown because I moved.

2013-06-10: Started to make the recordings public.

2013-04-??: Started to build an automated system after i stopped privately recording the sky for a while.